Author: Steve Peer

Welcome to San Diego Studio!

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios' (SIE WWS) southernmost  outpost is San Diego Studio in San Diego, CA, home to the creators of the Top  Selling " MLB® THE SHOW™" franchise, the longest-running officially  licensed Major League Baseball game series for the PlayStation®  platforms, ModNation™ Racers, Sports Champions (a PlayStation®Move  Motion Controller Launch Title), and available exclusively for the  PlayStation®Network - "PAIN®" and "High Velocity Bowling®".

Games developed at SD Studio have all been acclaimed for their sense of  realism and graphic representation which stands as a testament to the  Studio's dedication for pushing the boundaries of graphics technology. SD Studio's aims are to nurture passionate teams with a desire to make  innovative titles showcasing the power of the PlayStation® platforms.

SD Studio shares its campus with SIE's Motion Capture facility, the  second largest of its kind in North America and utilized globally for  SCE WWS games and also the movie industry.

SIE WWS in North America also has some of the best audio facilities in  the industry. SD Studio is the home of a 7.1 mix room and two large live rooms with 20 THX-certified edit rooms. The SD team provide music, sound design, post production and dialogue content for many major WWS  titles.

San Diego Studio is located in one of America's favorite cities. Whether it's surfing, craft beers, beautiful weather, or even Fish  Tacos, San Diego is home to many of the best experiences.

Diversity Week Celebration

While we continue to recognize the myriad of races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, beliefs, and cultures that make up the SIE San Diego Studio family year-round, we always look forward to that time of year when those amazing differences that make us stronger as a team are placed into the spotlight for celebration…Diversity Week! The PlayStation African-America Network (PAAN), Circulo, LGBTQ, VETS, and Women in Tech (WITS) just to name of few of our amazing campus Employee Resource Groups are given an opportunity to truly shine and bring our collective talents to the table as Diversity Week culminates in our Diversity Week Celebration party! It’s a great opportunity for all of us to get together to recognize that it’s the things that make us different that make us who we are and, most importantly, allows us to bring different experiences to the table for all of us to share with one another and learn from.

The Big Move!

After nearly 17 years, more than a score of developed, published or produced games across 5 different consoles SIE San Diego Studio has finally made the move from our original location to our new digs! Located in Sorrento Valley, the tech-heart of San Diego, our new studio space was designed with the specific needs of our studio and its inhabitants in mind.

From the open floorplan designed to allow for ease of interaction between teams, to the custom artwork and sculptures intended to represent the lifestyle associated with SIE San Diego Studio this new space is intended to make sure the creative juices are constantly flowing.

Numerous perks like complimentary beverages and snacks including a FreeStyle Soda Machine, on-tap cold brew coffee and kombucha, and a vast array of health conscious, and a few not so health conscious, snacks help to ensure that there always something available whenever a quick pick-me-up is necessary.

With all of this at our disposal how can we not continue to bring amazing, engaging and exciting gaming experiences to the table?

Employee Resource Groups

In our continued commitment to the promotion of diversity and inclusion within the SIE San Diego Studio culture we are proud to recognize our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) as being on the forefront of these efforts. The PlayStation African-American Network (PAAN), Circulo, LGBTQ, and Women in Tech (WITS) make up our current roster of active ERG’s. These ERG’s have been instrumental in bringing new and valued perspectives to the studio. Along with the on-campus events celebrating the myriad of cultures represented through our team members, the ERG’s have also made great strides in helping to bring SIE San Diego Studio into the lives of our local communities with a focus on giving back to the city of San Diego which has given all of us so much. As we work towards integrating the experiences and viewpoints of all of our team members into the fabric of our corporate culture these ERG’s, along with others to come, will continue to be our best resource in these efforts.

God of War Artist's Panel

Huge thank you to our sister studio, SIE Santa Monica Studio, for lending us a few members of their All-Star Art team to discuss their experiences in the making of the 2018 Game Awards’ Game of the Year, God of War! Bruno Velazquez (Animation Director), Raf Grassetti (Art Director), Glauco Longhi (Lead Character Artist), Luis Sanchez (Lead Level Designer) made the trek down to SIE San Diego Studio discuss their time working on God of War, the highs and lows of the development process, what they’ve learned from their experiences, and to discuss the future of our favorite demi-god and his “boy” with our very own Mia G. Watkins (Community Outreach Specialist). Afterwards, attendees had a chance to chat with the team one-on-one to pick their brains and ask questions about the process that resulted in one of the greatest games to ever make its way to the PlayStation family. We’re looking forward to seeing what these amazingly, talented creators bring to the table in the highly anticipated sequel to God of War!