Employee Resource Groups

In our continued commitment to the promotion of diversity and inclusion within the SIE San Diego Studio culture we are proud to recognize our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) as being on the forefront of these efforts. The PlayStation African-American Network (PAAN), Circulo, LGBTQ, and Women in Tech (WITS) make up our current roster of active ERG’s. These ERG’s have been instrumental in bringing new and valued perspectives to the studio. Along with the on-campus events celebrating the myriad of cultures represented through our team members, the ERG’s have also made great strides in helping to bring SIE San Diego Studio into the lives of our local communities with a focus on giving back to the city of San Diego which has given all of us so much. As we work towards integrating the experiences and viewpoints of all of our team members into the fabric of our corporate culture these ERG’s, along with others to come, will continue to be our best resource in these efforts.